Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Hope

I hope you miss me at one in the morning when you’re thinking about something I said the first time we hung out.
 I hope you miss me when it’s three in the afternoon and you see my favorite ice cream in the grocery store.
 I hope you miss me when she licks your bottom lip and you remember the first time you did that to me and I cried because I had never been kissed like that before.
 I hope you miss me in between your sheets and between your fingers. 
I hope it feels like hell when you see my car in the parking lot and you remember the time we made out in the back seat.
 I hope when you think about me you think about how much love I had to give to you and I hope it takes the wind out of your lungs.
 I hope that someday, after you get out of college, and you’re married, when your wife is asleep, you dial my old number and let it ring because maybe, just maybe you’ll hear my voice again.
 I hope the smell of my perfume haunts your every night mare.
 I hope that barista that you thought kind of looks like me serves as a reminder that you still look for me in every face you see.

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