Tuesday, April 14, 2015

National Poetry Month

In America we like to dedicate months to things, because days aren't enough right? With that being said, it is National Poetry Month. In order to help celebrate National Poetry Month I am going to share with you the poem that helped to inspire this blog, Listen by E.E Cummings. 

(See if you can spot the namesake) 


i dreamed
  it appeared that you thought to
  escape me and became a great
  lily atilt on
  waters    but i was aware of
  fragrance and i came riding upon
  a horse of porphyry    into the
  waters i rode down the red
  horse shrieking    from splintering
  foam caught you clutched you upon my
  i dreamed    in my dream you had
  desire to thwart me and became
  a little bird and hid
  in a tree of tall marble
  from a great way i distinguished
  singing and i came
  riding upon a scarlet sunset
  trampling the night    easily
  from the shocked impossible
  tower i caught
  you strained you
  broke you upon my blood
  beloved i dreamed
  i thought you would have deceived
  me and became a star in the kingdom
  of heaven
  through day and space i saw you close
  your eyes    and i came riding
  upon a thousand crimson years arched with agony
  i reined them in tottering before
  the throne and as
  they shied at the automaton moon from
  the transplendant hand of sombre god
  i picked you
as an apple is picked by the little peasants for their girls

There ya go, one of my favorite poems by one of my favorite literary gods. 


A Lilly Atilt on Insolent Waters

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