Saturday, April 11, 2015

Staying Inspired and Other Things I'm Bad At

I suck, That my dear friends is no surprise. To answer a few questions, no I have not been writing lately. Why? I've been so tired. Not depressed tired, just busy tired. So I am trying to break myself out of my non-writing slump and here is how I'm doing it.

How To Stay Inspired

  • Write stuff down: Grocery lists, movie reviews, books you want to read, poems you write in your head on the subway, jingles you make up in the shower. Just put in on paper, or your phone or the back of your hand.
  • Don't force yourself to be creative:  I hadn't thought of a single creative thing and it was making me super anxious because what if I just had a few good poems and short stories and now I'm done? Well, I'm not. I hadn't written anything in a week (actually a long time) and then I went to see Insurgent and drafted an entire trilogy series outline. 
  • Read stuff: Not just twitter, or tumblr but like real stuff. Classic stuff, modern stuff, other people's stuff like the stuff you write. 
  • Relax: It will come.
That's it! See you soon. 



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