Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bucket List

Bucket List
1/ Remember to take my meds for a solid month
2/ Take a week off of work and see how far I can drive in seven days
3/ Meet an Inuit
4/ Volunteer for a summer in Africa
5/ Eat Lobster in Maine
6/ Buy a home
7/ Go to dinner and leave a 100$ tip
8/ Go to law school
9/ Publish something ( novel? )
10/ Meet a Clinton
11/ Practice Bikram in India
12/ Be a vegan for a year
13/ Own an octopus
14/ Learn to surf in Hawaii
15/ Learn to fly an airplane
16/ Witness a marriage proposal in public
17/ See the underworld of Disney
18/ Go on a Jack the Ripper tour of London
19/ Walk the entire Great Wall of China
20/ Sing on a stage
21/ Go on a chase with a storm chaser
23/ Bonaroo
24/ Be interviewed by Barbara Walters
25/ Own multiple houses
26/ Have a puppy named fish
27/ Be in two places at once
28/ Build a tree fort with my kids
29/ Go see a poetry slam
30/ Stay at a hostel in Amsterdam in the Red Light district
31/ Own a boat
32/ Name a star
33/ Find a four leaf clover
34/ Have a macaroon at Laduree
35/ Take one picture a day for a whole year
36/ Go on a safari
37/ Learn to shoot a gun
38/ Dive to the coral reefs
39/ Make a wish in the Trevi fountain
40/ Meet Oprah
41/ Get a tattoo
42/ Bathe an elephant
43/ Sleep in an igloo
44/ Attend NYFW
45/ Attend a gay pride event
46/ Ride a mechanical Bull
47/ Walk into a salon and say ‘surprise me’
48/ Have my palm read

50/ Flip a house 

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